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CCTV Security System

Iris Marvell solutions provides you with complete solution for all your CCTV requirements. We ensure hitch free, top quality service from design to installation and maintenance. Access control can come in many forms including simple intercom systems, installation of smart card proximity lock system, efficient and safe management security systems such as Home Security surveillance, industrial security surveillance, corporate security surveillance, hotels, schools, office, Health Center (hospital).
Our Surveillance Cameras Keep an Eye on Everything You Value.Today, CCTV surveillance has become a critical tool as part of an overall security solution, but it does not stop there. CCTV surveillance can help deter crime and assist in the identification of individuals in the act of a crime, but more and more surveillance cameras are being used to assist in:

• Workplace health and safety – for both staff and visitors
• 'Safe City' CCTV camera systems – providing piece of mind for the general public
• Providing accurate identification of person/s as part of a security package on a site
• Monitoring of plant and equipment and verification of genuine situation or event
• Live security camera video viewing across your Smartphone, tablet or IPad from your site, office or home

CCTV systems for the commercial and domestic sectors

Iris Marvell Solutions has a wealth of experience in CCTV systems for the commercial and domestic sectors.

  • Factory CCTV Systems
  • Home CCTV systems
  • Office CCTV systems
  • School CCTV systems
  • Internet Accessible CCTV

Our extensive range of branded security cameras and digital recorders can also be viewed across your LAN/WAN computer network system. These systems provide business management information solutions and security for your business.

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Iris Marvell Solutions was created from a team of Information Technology professionals, who identified the gap in technology know-how in our society. 

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